IndyCar Test Run at Iowa Speedway

Laura McNamara

The 2007 IndyCar Racing Series has concluded, but racing fans still have a chance to catch leading IndyCar Series drivers tearing around the track at Iowa Speedway. IndyCar Series officials are testing the new speedway on October 3rd and 4th and the public is welcome to catch a final glimpse of top IndyCar drivers for 2007. Top IndyCar teams, drivers, …

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Play the “Stalk” Market

Cindy Zimmerman has introduced a Virtual Stock Trading program on its website that explores the ethanol industry and other companies related to the renewable fuels market. According to Use Corn’s Dave Clark, “The program simulates actual stock trading, and the user-friendly interface is both inspiring and entertaining.” The UseCorn Virtual Stock Trading program features some of the ethanol and industry related …

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NASDAQ Campaign Features US BioEnergy

Cindy Zimmerman

US BioEnergy Corporation has been selected by NASDAQ as one of 17 companies featured in a new advertising campaign, “NASDAQ and the Companies that Move Life Forward,” that profiles NASDAQ-listed companies and how they improve the way we work and live every day. The US BioEnergy ad shows a man pumping fuel into his pick-up truck at a filling station …

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Agenda Change for Cellulosic Summit

Cindy Zimmerman

With the resignation of US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns last week, the Cellulosic Ethanol Summit next month has made an agenda change. Johanns was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the event but now Acting Secretary Chuck Conner will be the keynoter. The Summit will be in Washington, D.C., Oct. 15-17. The annual three-day event has established itself as …

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