Evidence that Ethanol Works

Laura McNamara

The ethanol industry in Brazil has been developing some major traction. Marcos Jank, President of UNICA, says the demand for ethanol in Brazil is now matching that of the demand for gasoline. He says ethanol is gaining ground and Brazil “won’t move back to gas.” Marcos was one of seven speakers at today’s Ethanol Summit held at the Indianapolis Motor …

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Indiana Corn Goes Mobile with Ethanol Education

Laura McNamara

The 2008 Indy Pace Car corvette wasn’t the only shiny new toy to check out at the giveaway this morning. The Indiana Corn Marketing Council debuted its new interactive mobile marketing unit complete with videos detailing the production of ethanol and a database of local fuel retailers that offer E10 and E85 fuel blends. Visitors can even print off a …

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Indianapolis Radio Supports Ethanol

Laura McNamara

Taking the 2008 Corvette is fun… and a bit dangerous. Tom Severino will promise you that. Tom is the Vice President and Market Manager of Emmis Indianapolis radio, the parent company of Hank FM. I spoke with Tom about Hank FM’s joint effort with the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council to promote ethanol. The …

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Scaling Back Ethanol Use Not a Solution to World Hunger for Indiana Corn

Laura McNamara

There’s no question for the Indiana Corn Marketing Council‘s Mark Walters that the three May pump promotions have all been a huge success. Mark (pictured fourth from left) is the Director of the Biofuels Program for Indiana Corn. He says pump promotions help consumers learn about both sides of the ethanol debate. Some of the ethanol positives he points out …

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Crystal Flash Rep Says Ethanol a Fuel for the Future

Laura McNamara

The Crystal Flash at Rangeline in Carmel, IN was the first gas station in the Indianapolis metro area to offer E85 fuel, and that was several years ago. Andy Batt, the Vice President of Merchandising for Crystal Flash fuel retailer, says E85 sales make up about four to five percent of all gallons of fuel sold at the Rangeline location. …

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Indy Frenzy

Laura McNamara

I’m taking off for Indianapolis in about an hour. This year, I’ll be handling the Indy 500 on my own. The race isn’t until Sunday, but the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council has all kinds of pre-race activities scheduled for this week. Tomorrow, I’ll be out at the pumps. Both EPIC and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council will be sponsoring …

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USDA Expects Enough Corn for Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast calls for enough corn and soybeans to meet both food and fuel needs. The May supply and demand report released on Friday based predictions for the 2008-09 marketing year on an expected corn crop of 12.1 billion bushels, down 7 percent from last year’s record crop. USDA is expecting total U.S. corn use …

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Report on Role of Ethanol in Food Prices

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) held a press conference last week at the National Press Club in Washington DC to counter claims that ethanol production is causing higher food prices. RFA’s “Ethanol Report” podcast features comments from the four agriculture and ethanol industry leaders who participated in the press conference. Featured are former Agriculture Secretary John Block, National Corn Growers …

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Ethanol Standard Debated as Oil Prices Rise

Cindy Zimmerman

As the House Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality heard testimony regarding the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) on Tuesday, oil hit yet another record high of $122 a barrel. Renewable Fuels Association president Bob Dinneen reminded the committee of that several times during the hearing, having to correct his own pre-prepared remarks. “Mr. Chairman, the RFS made sense when you …

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