Upcoming Event: Next Generation Biofuels Conference

Joanna Schroeder

Update your passport and book your ticket for Green Power’s 5th Next Generation Biofuels conference being held September 28-30, 2009 in Amsterdam. This event will bring together key players from around the world who are pioneering the development of advanced biofuels. The conference will address the latest developments in creating cost competitive, industrial scale production of next generation biofuels technologies. …

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World Bank Issued an “F”

Joanna Schroeder

The World Bank received a failing grade this week for its lack of support to developing countries trying to implement biofuels project. The “F” comes from the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) representing over 65 percent of the world’s biofuels production from 44 countries. In a letter to Robert Zoellick, President of World Bank, from Bliss Baker, President of the …

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Obama Comments on Ethanol During Rural Tour Kickoff

Cindy Zimmerman

The Obama administration embarked on a National Rural Tour this week that will include discussions about green jobs, a new energy economy, climate change and renewable energies. During an interview for the National Association of Farm Broadcasting with Michelle Rook of WNAX, Yankton, SD, Obama was asked about the role renewable fuels will play in the future for rural America. …

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Algae Ethanol Plant Announced

Cindy Zimmerman

When it comes to biofuels, algae is usually mentioned as a means to make biodiesel, but a new project will be using it to make ethanol. The Dow Chemical Company and Algenol Biofuels have announced plans for a algae-based biorefinery to convert CO2 into ethanol. The pilot facility will be located at Dow’s Freeport, Texas site. Dow CEO Andrew Liveris …

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Alt Fuels Being Added to Jet Fuel Specs

John Davis

Earlier this month, I told you about how the airlines have been more and more accepting of biofuels (see my posts from June 1 and June 19). Now, it looks like the organization that sets standards for fuels, including jet fuels, is also approving of biofuels for the friendly skies. This press release from the Air Transport Association of America …


FF Bioeconomy Conference to Look at Biofuels

John Davis

The final in a series of Farm Foundation conferences looking at agricultural issues in the modern economy will be held next week in Little Rock, Arkansas and will focus on extension services and renewable energy. The Transition to a Bioeconomy: The Role of Extension in Energy conference will be June 30-July 1 at Little Rock’s Doubletree Hotel: The program features …

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VIASPACE to Discuss Giant King Grass as Energy Crop

Joanna Schroeder

I reported several months ago about VIASPACE’s plans to expand the production of Giant King Grass to be used to produce advanced biofuels. VIASPACE is currently growing Giant King Grass in southern China and pursuing opportunities in other regions and countries. Today, the company announced that their Chief Executive, Dr. Carl Kukkonen, will be making several presentations at the China …

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Five Steps to Becoming an EcoDriver

Joanna Schroeder

Summer is officially here and with it summer driving season (and high gas price season). As people pack their bags and head to the gas station to fill up for summer vacation,  EcoDriving USA, a campaign from the Auto Alliance, is encouraging people to become “EcoDrivers.” EcoDrivingUSA claims that practicing “green driving” produces the highest miles per gallon, regardless of …

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