Just the Ethanol Facts

The National Corn Growers Association has created a simple website that offers just the facts about ethanol.

The website EthanolFacts.com offers information about E15, food versus fuel, energy security, jobs in rural America and more. There is a lot of discussion about ethanol these days, and plenty of need for a look at the facts. That’s why the National Corn Growers Association has created the EthanolFacts.com website as a simple place to get the facts and links to a lot more information about our favorite domestic renewable fuel.

“For years, NCGA has been at the forefront of promoting ethanol as an important choice for today’s drivers, who are demanding fuels that are not only cleaner-burning, but powerful and made right here in the United States,” said Chad Willis, a Minnesota corn farmer who serves as chairman of NCGA’s Ethanol Committee. “EthanolFacts.com provides the key information to people who want to know the simple truth about a very complex subject so they can continue the conversation about how farmers are not only helping feed the world, but fuel it, too.”

EthanolFacts.com was designed for simplicity and clarity on a number of platforms, especially mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones – and NCGA also has print versions available.

0 thoughts on “Just the Ethanol Facts

  1. The problem I have with ethanol is the corn growers and Renewable Fuel lobbyist continue to force Americans to buy their product(with a mandate) with no freedom to chose what is best. And do not allow the free market work the way it should.
    This is a UN American way to do business. If ethanol is a good product they do not need the mandate to sell it.
    This unfair, UN American way of marketing really bothers me.

  2. Stan,

    You have no clue do you. Give consumer a choice to put 10 or 15 or even 20 percent ethanol into gasoline and they will see a value for octane. What you don’t know because no one is telling you is that gasoline today is cheaper due to lower octane and needs 10 percent ethanol just to reach the minimum 87 AKI octane label on the pump. Give the ethanol industry access to the market and let consumer make the choice is a great idea. Too bad the oil companies are stopping this.


  3. …..and I the consumer have so many choices when it comes to buying traditional gasoline or diesel when I pull in to fuel up my vehicle?

  4. How I meant for that post to read was that traditional petroleum has been the only choice we have had since modern vehicles have been on the road until ethanol and bio-blended fuels made it to the pumps. I think having only the choice of one type of fuel for the last 50+ years has been an “un”American way of doing business.

  5. So tell me why we do not end the mandate.
    With new oil and gas drilling, the US has plenty of energy.We don’t need to take more land from food production.
    With all the droughts and population growth we definitely should not grow fuel.We should end the ethanol and RFS mandates.
    And for the carbon and global warming problem we need to fast track new,safe nuclear energy http://www.nei.org/ fuel-grade ethanol from hydrocarbons like natural gas, an abundant U.S. resource, and maybe Air Fuel Synthesis. http://www.airfuelsynthesis.com/