FEW Award for POET

Cindy Zimmerman

The chief science officer for POET received the 2007 Award of Excellence at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop this week. Steve Lewis accepted the award during Wednesday’s general session. The award was established in 2000 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the fuel ethanol industry through their research, technical advisory and/or development activities. Lewis has 22 years of …

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Cindy Zimmerman

The administrator for Region 7 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told participants at the 2007 Fuel Ethanol Workshop in St. Louis this week that the partnership between EPA and agriculture is helping to find solutions to environmental challenges. “We’ve had a major role in dealing with one of America’s top priorities – reducing dependency on foreign oil,” said John …

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Two Ethanol Plants Win EPA Awards

John Davis

The Environmental Protection Agency has handed out Energy Star awards to two Midwest ethanol plants… recognizing their efforts to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions that equal the amount of pollution from nearly 6,000 cars a year. The awards were presented Wednesday at the 23rd Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo in St. Louis. According to an EPA …

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Enhancing Ethanol Production

Cindy Zimmerman

DuPont and FOSS North America today announced an agreement that will help farmers and ethanol producers better understand ethanol yield potential of grain corn being delivered to ethanol plants. The agreement, announced during the Fuel Ethanol Workshop, provides FOSS rights to technology developed by DuPont. Under terms of the agreement, DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred is providing to FOSS proprietary Ethanol …

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Ethanol From Corn Cobs

Cindy Zimmerman

At the 2007 Fuel Ethanol Workshop in St. Louis on Wednesday, the nation’s largest dry-mill ethanol producer announced the successful production of cellulosic ethanol from corn cobs. At a press conference, POET CEO Jeff Broin said, “Along with corn fiber, cobs will be the primary feedstock we will use to make cellulosic ethanol at our proudction facillity in Iowa. For …

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More Than Just a FEW

Cindy Zimmerman

Just a few ethanol industry pioneers were present at the first Fuel Ethanol Workshop in St. Louis some 23 years ago. This week, attendees at the 2007 FEW filled the floor of the America’s Center arena, numbering more than 5200, with over 700 exhibitors filling the expo hall. “How many in this audience were here at that very first one?” …

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