Some News Tidbits

Chuck Zimmerman

The state of Missouri is re-launching a program that the state’s Treasurer, Sarah Steelman, says will “help finance ethanol production plants in our state to reduce our dependence of foreign oil and expand markets for Missouri farm products.” That’s from a story in today’s St. Louis Business Journal. The program is now called BIG Missouri Linked-Deposit Program.


Turning Sugar Cane Into Ethanol In Brazil

Chuck Zimmerman

A lot of people think ethanol is only made from corn and here in the United States that seems to be the case. However, there are other commodities than can be used in the production of ethanol and one of those is sugar cane. A story in today’s Planet Ark out of Sao Paulo, Brazil talks about how ethanol itself is becoming a world traded commodity spurred on by the introduction of flex-fueled vehicles. According to the story, “Brazilian sugar cane mills say they are getting better deals to sell ethanol fuel abroad by extending what used to be only spot market sales into longer-term contracts with flexible pricing, especially with the rise in world oil prices.”

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