7-11 Indy Car Fillup

Chuck Zimmerman

Getting things moving this morning at the 7-11 pump promotion was Rahal-Letterman driver Jeff Simmons (front) and 7-11 Manager for Gasoline and Environmental Compliance, Scott Johnson.

They drove in to the pumps in an Indy Car 2-seater.

Before they got in the car I interviewed Scott about 7-11’s involvement with ethanol. He handles the Great Lakes division as well as the northeast and says that they’re thrilled to be using and promoting ethanol. He would love to do promotions like this at many more stores around the country. Scott also says that the company is looking at E85 and studying how or when to start installing E85 pumps.

You can listen to my interview with Scott here: Listen to MP3 Scott Johnson Interview (4 min MP3)

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