Book Review – Storm World by Chris Mooney

Joanna Schroeder

“There are many reasons to shift away from fossil fuels, and we will do so in the next century without legislation, financial incentives, carbon-conservation programs, or the interminable yammering of fearmongers.” Michael Crichton, author’s message at the end of State of Fear In 2004, Michael Crichton wrote in his novel, State of Fear, “From the beginning, the movement had had …

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Introducing the Domestic Fuel Media Reviewer

Cindy Zimmerman

We are introducing a new regular feature here on Domestic Fuel that will take a look at some of the many books and movies out there that take on the topics of environment, energy and renewables. Our Domestic Fuel book and movie reviewer is Joanna Schroeder, who has been the communications director for the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (now …

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