Mo Gov Candidates Debate But Agree on Alternative Energy

John Davis

Candidates for governor in Missouri aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on much these days (and trust me… we’re hearing and seeing plenty of tit-for-tat attack ads here in Central Missouri), but Republican Kenny Hulshof and Democrat Jay Nixon did seem to agree on the importance of renewable energy during their debate this week in Kansas City. According to this story in the …

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Algae Biodiesel From Catfish Farms

Cindy Zimmerman

Algae has traditionally been a nuisance to catfish farmers, but it could end up being a new source of income for them and a new source of energy for the southeast. Ron Putt, an associate research professor at Auburn University, has been studying the feasibility of using algae from catfish farms for biodiesel production. “Currently I have a small project …

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Sapphire Closer to Green Crude Production

Cindy Zimmerman

Sapphire Energy is another step closer to bringing algae-based Green Crude Production to commercial scale with additional financing from existing and new investors, including an investment holding company owned by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. The latest investments bring the company’s total funding to substantially more than $100 million, and Sapphire is now financed to scale up its production facilities to …