Members of Congress Oppose Heavy Duty EV Mandate

Cindy Zimmerman

More than 150 members of both houses of Congress joined Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-IA) and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) in a letter to Environmental Protection Agency administrator Michael Regan demanding that the Biden administration end its de facto EV mandate on trucks, tractors, buses, and semis.

“The Biden administration’s mandate that impacts all trucks, tractors, buses, and semis would strain our supply chains, hurt our farmers, harm our economy, and increase costs for every single American. On top of inflation, poor economic conditions, and other regulations, this de facto EV mandate on our truckers, manufacturers, farmers, and dealers will hike the cost of groceries, utility bills, and everyday goods that American families rely on. It’s also a deliberate attack on liquid fuels – including homegrown Iowa biofuels – that are vital to our energy, economic, and national security,” said Rep. Feenstra.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) Executive Director Monte Shaw commented, “As this rule ignores cost-effective emission reductions, like biodiesel, in favor of a federal mandate for technology that is either unproven or nonexistent in this space, IRFA members applaud Rep. Feenstra for leading this effort. Nearly everything Americans touch and taste on a daily basis has spent time on a truck. We cannot afford to mess that up.”

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