Kemin to Expand Offerings for Biofuels with Acquisition

Cindy Zimmerman

Global ingredient manufacturer Kemin Industries has acquired Archangel Inc., a company specializing in antimicrobials for fermentative biofuel production.

With the acquisition of Archangel Inc., Kemin enhances its portfolio of antimicrobial solutions with the NOVA™ EZL and NOVA™ EZP products that support biofuel production. The acquisition also transfers four full patent applications from Archangel to Kemin. The new NOVA™ products will not only strengthen Kemin’s ability to offer comprehensive solutions for bacterial control in biofuel production processes, but also pave the way for exciting innovations in the field. Customers can look forward to enhanced product offerings and dedicated support as Kemin continues to push the boundaries of biofuel production in the U.S.

Archangel Inc. was founded in 2015 by Allen Ziegler with a focus on developing advanced bacterial control solutions tailored specifically to the fermentation of biofuels for the renewable energy industry. Under the acquisition, Ziegler joins Kemin as a Principal Sales Manager for the Kemin Bio Solutions business unit.

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