Clean Fuels Celebrates Ag on the National Mall

Cindy Zimmerman

DC Water truck powered by 100% biodiesel on National Mall

Clean Fuels Alliance America was one of 30 organizations and 25 equipment manufacturers on the National Mall this week for the second Celebration of Modern Agriculture spotlighting the Future of Food and Farming.

Clean Fuels Director of Public Affairs and Federal Communications Paul Winters says they had a good local message for visitors who live in the DC area. “We’re trying to send a message that this is a benefit for people in DC who live in the urban environment,” said Winters. “The DC Department of Water has a truck here on display and it runs on 100 percent biodiesel…The biggest benefit for DC residents is they get cleaner air.”

Winters said they were able to talk to visitors about the benefits of clean fuels, while also chatting with legislative and regulatory people about priorities like getting the GREET model right for the future of crop-based sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Listen to an interview with Winters from DC.
AEM Ag on the Mall - Paul Winters, Clean Fuels Alliance America 7:34

2024 Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the Mall

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