Biodiesel Day Celebrates Innovation

Cindy Zimmerman

The clean fuels industry is celebrating National Biodiesel Day today on March 18, the birthday of diesel engine inventor Rudolf Diesel. The engine was originally designed to operate on peanut oil, as Diesel was a visionary who recognized the potential of vegetable oils as a renewable fuel source.

Clean Fuels Alliance America COO Doug Whitehead says Diesel’s pioneering spirit continues to inspire advancements in the modern-day clean fuels industry. “Demand is better than ever, as organizations continue to seek the lowest cost option to decarbonize using domestically produced feedstocks,” he said.

Emerging markets are increasing demand for clean fuels driving innovation in feedstock development. Winter cover crops and other annual oilseeds, such as pennycress and Brassica carinata, are being explored as alternative feedstocks to help meet rising demand. As new markets such as rail, marine and home heating oil continue toward decarbonization, low carbon fuels including biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel will play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions now, rather than waiting for future technology.

Happy Biodiesel Day!

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