LanzaJet Opens First Ethanol to SAF Plant

Cindy Zimmerman

LanzaJet made history this week opening the world’s first ethanol to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production facility in Soperton, Georgia.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joined LanzaJet at Wednesday’s event. “As we transition to SAF, this will not only create new climate smart commodity markets for American producers, but it will also help American companies such as LanzaJet corner the market of a valuable, emerging industry, while revitalizing rural communities like Soperton with agriculture front and center in the effort. LanzaJet’s facility will help accelerate the SAF industry and provide new economic opportunities for producers for a more sustainable future.”

Listen to Vilsack’s comments here:
Sec. Vilsack at LanzaJet opening 22:37

LanzaJet is a member of the Renewable Fuels Association and RFA CEO Geoff Cooper congratulated the company on this historic achievement. “We hope Lanzajet’s Freedom Pines biorefinery is the first of many facilities across the country to use low-carbon ethanol as a feedstock to produce SAF, and we look forward to working with our partners in the biorefining and airline sectors to facilitate rapid growth in the sector,” said Cooper. “Our nation’s farmers and ethanol producers stand ready to serve this growing market, with production capacity and transportation infrastructure already in place to meet future demand. But for that vision to become a reality, we need the Biden administration to embrace sound science and swiftly finalize the modeling tools that will be used to determine eligibility for crucial SAF tax incentives.”

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