Donnie Wahlberg Teams with Clean Fuels for Bioheat® Fuel

Cindy Zimmerman

The founder of the band New Kids on the Block is helping Clean Fuels Alliance America promote the new heating fuel on the block – Bioheat®.

Donnie Wahlberg visits his childhood home in Dorchester, MA

Actor and Boston native Donnie Wahlberg, known for his deep ties to the Boston community, is excited to promote a cleaner, warmer future with Bioheat® fuel, an eco-friendly and sustainable home heating solution derived from plants, including soybeans.

“I have two sons. When they come to Boston to visit my family, and they see that big oil tank in the basement, they are like, ‘What is this?’ How great is it that I can now tell them, ‘You know what’s in there, vegetable oil,’” said Wahlberg. “It’s changing right under our noses we just have to realize that it’s right there. To know that my kids know that I am from an older generation, even though I don’t look it, but I care, and I’m doing my part to help protect their future and their children’s future and that means everything to me.”

Bioheat® fuel is a renewable energy source that blends traditional heating oil with biodiesel, significantly reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. Wahlberg’s partnership with Clean Fuels is driven by a shared commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions and fostering environmental responsibility.

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