ACE Carbon Capture Panel

Cindy Zimmerman

The final panel at the recent American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) conference dealt with carbon capture and storage, and everything from permitting, construction, and operation of pipeline projects to CO2 utilization opportunities for ethanol producers.

ACE board president Dave Sovereign, Golden Grain Energy, moderated “The Journey to Capture, Store, and Utilize Carbon” which featured Britta Bergland, Senior Analyst for Merjent, Inc.; Aaron Eldridge, South Dakota Project Manager, Summit Carbon Solutions; and Ashkan Shoja-Nia, VP of Strategy and Business Development, StormFisher Hydrogen. Listen to their remarks below.

2023 ACE Panel Britta Bergland, Merjent 14:18

2023 ACE Panel Aaron Eldridge, Summit Carbon Solutions 15:53

2023 ACE Panel Ashkan Shoja-Nia, StormFisher Hydrogen 15:49

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