ACE Leadership Optimistic About Opportunities

Cindy Zimmerman

Attendance is strong at the 2023 American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Conference in Minneapolis this week and the mood is optimistic.

“We see a lot of opportunities so I think it’s pretty positive,” said ACE President Dave Sovereign, Golden Grain Energy. “Personally, I’m very optimistic about what we are going to see in the next one to two years.”

Sovereign says for him, the theme of Everything Counts means lowering the carbon score of his ethanol plant in Mason City, Iowa. “Everything we do from the time the corn comes in to the way we process it and turn it out as ethanol, that number counts. And to reduce that carbon score as low as we can to capitalize on some of the incentives from the IRA is paramount for us right now.”

Listen to Sovereign’s remarks and interview below:
2023 ACE - Dave Sovereign, ACE president, remarks 6:44

2023 ACE - Dave Sovereign, ACE president, interview 4:23

2023 ACE Conference photo album

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