RFA Safety Programs Win National Awards

Cindy Zimmerman

RFA Director of Safety and Technical Programs Missy Ruff receives RFA’s 2022 National Achievement Award from TRANSCAER Chairman Paul Holt, of Union Pacific

The Renewable Fuels Association has been honored for the 11th consecutive year with the National Achievement Award from TRANSCAER, a national hazardous materials safety coalition, for its outstanding safety programs. In addition, TRANSCAER honored Missy Ruff, RFA’s Director of Safety and Technical Programs, with an Individual Recognition Award for her efforts administering the programs.

In 2022, more than 1,200 attendees were trained via 37 training opportunities supported by RFA. Since its inception in 2010, RFA’s safety program has been responsible for training over 15,000 individuals and conducting over 400 training sessions and events. RFA has trained individuals from all 50 U.S. states and 40 other countries. In addition, RFA so far in 2023 has held training sessions in Sioux City, IA; Edmond, Okla.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Independence, Mo.; Lincoln, Neb.; and Cheyenne Wyo., as well as a series of “Train the Trainer” webinars. In April, RFA updated its award-winning Emergency Response website, which is a go-to resource for the first responder community.

“Training emergency responders is not just a responsibility, but a crucial investment in ensuring the safety of our communities,” said Erica Bernstein Fischer, Director, Training & Community Outreach, CHEMTREC/TRANSCAER. “The Renewable Fuels Association’s commitment to providing comprehensive training programs for emergency responders demonstrates their dedication to preparedness. Being recognized with a National TRANSCAER Achievement Award shows their exceptional efforts in equipping responders with the knowledge and skills needed to handle renewable fuels incidents safely and effectively.”

RFA’s Ruff has served on the TRANSCAER executive committee and as chair of the National TRANSCAER Task Group, the managing body for initiatives undertaken by the organization. The TRANSCAER initiative is focused on assisting communities prepare for and respond to possible hazardous material transportation incidents. Its members include volunteer representatives from the chemical manufacturing, transportation, distribution, hazardous material storage and handling, emergency response and preparedness, and related service industries as well as the government.

RFA currently offers online ethanol safety training programs and “train the trainer” sessions. For more information on the programs overall, visit www.ethanolresponse.com.

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