USDA Under Secretary Supports US Ethanol in Panama

Cindy Zimmerman

USGC photo: USDA Undersecretary Alexis Taylor (top right) witnesses signing of Ethanol MOU In Panama

USDA Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Alexis Taylor is on a trade mission to Central America-Dominican Republic and supporting U.S. ethanol on the way.

The mission included Taylor witnessing a memorandum of understanding signing between the U.S. Grains Council and the Panamanian Sugar Cane National Industry on ethanol blending.

“Our U.S. industry and the Panamanian industry are coming together to help grow this ethanol market here,” said Taylor during a media call from Panama on Wednesday. The country recently began to implement legislation allowing ethanol blending up to 5% and working with sugarcane farmers to produce it locally and increase the blend to 10%.

The MOU recognizes the importance of assessing the role and benefits of biofuels and ethanol in the promotion of economic growth, diversification of the energy matrix and decarbonization of transportation in the global energy transition to address global greenhouse gas emissions.

Taylor held a media call from Panama City, Panama Wednesday to discuss the trade mission.
USDA Under Secretary Alexis Taylor from Panama City, Panama (15:18)

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