Davis Hosts NEC Innovation and Transportation Panels

Cindy Zimmerman

Kelly Davis’ involvement in the ethanol industry goes back 40 years and for the past decade she has served as Vice President of Technical & Regulatory Affairs for the Renewable Fuels Association, but this year’s National Ethanol Conference will be her last as a staff member.

“I’m going to take the challenge of turning corn stover into ethanol,” Davis said about the soon-to-be-announced opportunity she is taking. “I’ll never leave RFA. I’ve been a member on some level for the past 40 years … and hope to return as a member of the board.”

RFANEC23 Interview with Kelly Davis, RFA (5:27)

Davis had the opportunity to host two panels on topics right in her wheelhouse – innovation and transportation. The Ready for Innovation panel featured exciting opportunities for biorefineries to expand into new markets and uses, including green chemical manufacturing. Listen to the panelists’ presentations below:

Geoffrey Inch, Sustainability & Circular Economy Director, Braskem

RFANEC23 Geoffrey Inch, Braskem (13:06)
Michael Bloesch, President & CEO, Next Wave Energy Partners

RFANEC23 Michael Bloesch, Next Wave Energy Partners (21:58)
Leigh Abrams, Renewable Fuels Offering Manager, Honeywell UOP
RFANEC23 Leigh Abrams, Honeywell UOP (16:16)

Davis also moderated the panel on Confronting Supply Chain Challenges, including labor issues, infrastructure problems, and other difficulties that continue to plague the rail, waterborne freight, and trucking industries. Listen to what her panelists had to say about what’s being done to address these challenges and future growth:

Ken Eriksen, Senior Vice President, Agri Supply Chain, S&P Global Commodity Insights
RFANEC23 presentation Ken Eriksen, S&P Global (35:37)
Dan Keen, Assistant Vice President, Policy Analysis, Association of American Railroads
RFANEC23 presentation Dan Keen, Association of American Railroads (21:46)

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