Ethanol Groups React to EPA Proposal

Cindy Zimmerman

EPA’s proposed rule released today in response to the request of several Midwest governors that would allow for year-round E15 in their states is a good news, bad news story, according to Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Geoff Cooper.

“While we’re glad to see EPA is finally taking action to approve the Governors’ petition, we’re frustrated and disappointed that the agency is proposing to kick the can on implementation until 2024,” said Cooper. “There is simply no justification for further delaying this action, which is already months overdue. By law, EPA should have finalized approval of the Governors’ petition more than seven months ago, which would have given the marketplace more than enough time to adjust and prepare for implementation this summer.”

Listen to Cooper’s comments here:
RFANEC23 Cooper reaction to EPA proposal (2:30)

American Coalition for Ethanol CEO Brian Jennings has a similar reaction. “While ACE appreciates this step for 2024, EPA made multiple public promises these Midwest states would be approved for E15 market access in time for the 2023 summer driving season,” said Jennings. “Now, the Administration appears to be caving to refiner crocodile tears by kicking the can to 2024 instead. This delay means consumers in conventional gasoline areas of the country will be forced to pay more at the pump this year and retailers who want to offer lower cost E15 to their customers will be penalized.”

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