Chevron and REG United as ONE

Cindy Zimmerman

Last year, Chevron Corporation acquired Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG), which was founded in 2006 in Iowa to become the largest biodiesel producer in the country and a big presence at the Clean Fuels Conference in Tampa.

Kevin Lucke, who has been with Chevron since 1982, was named President of the Chevron Renewable Energy Group based in Ames, Iowa. Since Lucke is a native Iowan, he was thrilled for the opportunity. “Because I was waiting to go back home to my roots in Iowa where I could have a chance to be part of an industry that’s making a difference,” said Lucke.

Why did Chevron acquire Renewable Energy Group? Lucke said to many it came as a surprise. “Chevron has a belief that the future of energy is lower carbon, so what better way to work towards that goal than by joining with Renewable Energy Group in the biofuels space,” he said.

Listen to Lucke’s remarks here:
Clean Fuels remarks Kevin Lucke, Chevron (14:24)

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