Clean Fuels 101 Sets Up Inaugural Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

The first ever Clean Fuels Conference being held this week in Tampa had a pre-event session to cover the basics of just what clean fuels are and how market factors have driven the industry beyond biodiesel and into renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel to become “United as ONE.”

Jonathan Martin, Director of Economics & Market Analytics for Clean Fuels Alliance America, says they rebranded last year to encompass fuels that are related to biodiesel. “Renewable diesel is produced from lipids just like biodiesel is produced from lipids,” said Martin. “And then sustainable aviation fuel is kind of a by-product of the current commercial success of renewable diesel.”

Clean Fuels Conference interview, Jonathan Martin, Clean Fuels (3:34)

After a welcome reception Monday night, the Clean Fuels Conference officially gets underway with the opening general session United as One: A Year of Thriving for Clean Fuels this morning from Tampa. The event run through Thursday, January 26 and is expected to draw over 800 registered participants, including agriculture interests, clean fuel producers, marketers, end users and more.

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