MN Bio-Fuels Releases 2022 Annual Report

Cindy Zimmerman

Jeff Oestmann, Board vice-president of MN Bio-Fuels, and Brian Werner, executive director

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MN Bio-Fuels) recently released its 2022 Annual Report to its members.

“As the critical need to decarbonize transportation, reduce dependence on imported oil, and save consumers money at the pump grows, the leadership opportunities for biofuels grow, too. That’s why I was glad to join with our members and supporters at our annual report event to talk about what MN Bio-Fuels has accomplished in 2022 but, more importantly, to talk about the path forward in 2023,” said Brian Werner, executive director at MN Bio-Fuels.

The 2022 Annual Report highlights include securing $6 million for a biofuel infrastructure grant program and assisting retailers in securing the grant funding and urging Gov. Tim Walz to remain committed to a regulatory solution that will ensure year-round E15 availability. 2022 also saw record E15 sales in Minnesota with October sales at 9.58 million gallons. Werner said E15 sales exceeded the 9-million-gallon mark for the first time ever in July and has remained at that level since.

Read the report here.

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