MN Bio-Fuels Wraps Up E15 Promotional Campaign

Cindy Zimmerman

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MN Bio-Fuels) has just wrapped up a successful five-month E15 promotional campaign in the Twin Cities metro area aimed at rewarding drivers for fueling up with 15% ethanol fuel.

“As fuel prices strained consumers’ pocket books this summer, our promotional events with KS95 provided us with a unique opportunity to educate drivers about how they could save money by fueling up with E15,” said Brian Werner, executive director at MN Bio-Fuels. “With prices again on the rise, E15 remains a cost-saving option for Minnesota drivers at gas stations all around the state.”

MN Bio-Fuels worked with radio station KS95 to promoted E15 at 12 different gas stations in the Twin Cities metro area over five months and handed out prizes to drivers who purchased E15, such as $20 in cash, tickets to the Minnesota Twins and other sporting events, gift cards to Applebee’s, and more.

According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, 66.42 million gallons of E15 was sold in Minnesota from January to August this year, 19 percent higher than the volume recorded over the same period last year (55.78 million gallons).

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