Truth About Ethanol and Carbon Emissions

Cindy Zimmerman

Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper sets the record straight on ethanol and carbon emissions in a commentary on the RFA Blog

There’s been a lot of talk—and a lot of confusion—recently about corn ethanol’s carbon footprint. Before being retracted due to “flawed interpretation of data” and “inaccurate estimates of carbon emissions,” a September 8 Reuters article initially asserted that the carbon emissions related to making ethanol are worse than the emissions from making gasoline.

How could that be? How could Reuters possibly reach that initial conclusion before withdrawing their story? What’s the truth?

Unfortunately, Reuters took the same flawed and misleading approach to examining ethanol’s carbon footprint that many other biofuel critics and opponents have taken in the past. Like other erroneous attacks on ethanol’s carbon benefits, the Reuters article failed to look at the full carbon lifecycle for ethanol, while also failing to make appropriate comparisons amongst different fuel types.

Read the entire commentary.

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