RFA CEO Joins White House Climate Law Celebration

Cindy Zimmerman

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper arrives at the White House Tuesday

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) President and CEO Geoff Cooper attended an event at the White House Tuesday to celebrate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act which includes provisions to benefit the biofuels sector.

“There are lots of tax credit and grant provisions in there for renewable fuels and we are most excited about the sustainable aviation fuel tax credit,” said Cooper during a reporter roundtable Tuesday morning. “We see huge opportunity for ethanol in the SAF space in the future. There’s already significant investment being made in our industry to transform some existing first generation biorefineries into sustainable aviation fuel facilities.”

Cooper says other provisions in the legislation for the ethanol industry include the Clean Fuels Production Credit, which is a performance based, technology neutral credit. “We already have lots of ethanol in the marketplace today that is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent,” he said.

Cooper commented on a number of other ethanol industry issues, including the potential of railway and port transportation strikes. “If we can’t move ethanol, plants have to shut down – it’s that simple.”

Listen to the entire roundtable here:
RFA Reporter Roundtable 40:36

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