ACE Focused on Increasing Demand for Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Intensity is the theme for the 35th annual American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) conference and CEO Brian Jennings says the organization remains intensely focused on the on the ethanol-demand side of the equation.

“That means our most urgent priority is capitalizing on ethanol’s ability to reduce pump prices and emissions to secure uninterrupted market access for E15 on a year-round basis,” said Jennings in his annual membership address.

ACE is also committed to helping farmers monetize climate-smart agriculture through ethanol. “ACE was established in 1987 because farmers were trying to add value to their commodities and save their rural communities,” said Jennings. “We believe farmers should have the opportunity to monetize climate-smart practices by selling their corn to an ethanol plant which has a pathway into a clean fuel market, where carbon credits fetch significantly greater value than in voluntary programs, generating more than enough revenue to justify making changes to their farming practices.”

Listen to Jennings’ remarks here:

ACE22 CEO Brian Jennings remarks (17:04)

2022 ACE Annual Conference Photo Album

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