New Registered Trademark Agreement for Bioheat®

Cindy Zimmerman

Clean Fuels Alliance America recently announced the newest version of their Bioheat® Fuel Trademark License Agreement.

To simplify the registration process, a website has been developed where current and new registrants may go to access the agreement for review and execution with Clean Fuels staff. After execution of a completed agreement, registrants will be sent the completed and ready for use digital logo files which include four versions: Bioheat® fuel, Bioheat® Plus fuel, Bioheat® Super Plus fuel and finally Bioheat® fuel, “The Evolution of Oilheat®.”

“We are excited to roll out this agreement for new and existing licensees that will ensure the proper promotion of Bioheat® fuel,” said Brad Shimmens, director of operations and membership for Clean Fuels. “We appreciate consumers and fuel marketers for their commitment to the only liquid heating fuel that can lower carbon emissions, both improving the environment and human health.”

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