CARB Accepts Industry Evaluation of E15 Blends

Cindy Zimmerman

California moved a step closer to allowing E15 with the acceptance by the the California Air Resources Board (CARB) of the Renewable Fuels Association’s (RFA) and Growth Energy’s joint multimedia evaluation of E15 blends Tier 1 report, the first step in a three-tiered evaluation process of the fuel blend.

“RFA is pleased to see that CARB has accepted and posted the comprehensive Tier I report on E15’s environmental and public health impacts,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “This is an important milestone in the process to approve the use of E15 in California, meaning the state’s consumers are one step closer to finally accessing lower-cost, lower-carbon liquid fuels. Similar to the recent University of California emissions testing results, the Tier I report demonstrates that E15 reduces emissions and is better for the environment than today’s regular gasoline.”

Read the full report posted on the CARB website.

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