RFA Launches Summer Fuel Giveaway Contest

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association is happy to be celebrating summer again by giving away free fuel starting on Memorial Day.

Our country is experiencing record fuel prices, and everyone is looking for a break at the pump. Ethanol has been providing savings for years, but even more so this summer as availability of E15 and E85 grows. To further highlight those savings and educate U.S. drivers on ethanol’s value proposition, the Renewable Fuels Association is again hosting its annual Ethanol Days of Summer Contest with weekly chances to win free fuel.

This year’s contest will be combined with RFA’s Pump up the Savings Challenge to allow consumers more ways to win. Each week RFA will award $250 in free fuel from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Find out more EthanolRFA.org/summer-contest.

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