RFA Celebrates Safety Recognition Milestone

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association has received its 10th consecutive TRANSCAER National Achievement Award for training first responders and others in ethanol emergency response and safety, marking a decade of leadership in the area of ethanol industry safety.

The award recognizes RFA’s work in 2021, when more than 1,500 attendees received hands-on instruction via 35 training opportunities supported by the association. Since its inception in 2010, RFA’s award-winning safety program is responsible for training over 15,000 individuals via more than 370 training sessions and events. RFA has trained individuals from all 50 U.S. states and 39 other countries. In addition, RFA in 2021 updated eight training modules, recording videos to go along with each module, and posted the refreshed training materials on TRANSCAER’s LMS system.

RFA Director of Safety and Technical Programs Missy Ruff has served on the TRANSCAER executive committee and as chair of the National TRANSCAER Task Group, winning an Individual Recognition Award from TRANSCAER for 2021.

The TRANSCAER initiative is a national outreach effort focused on assisting communities prepare for and respond to possible hazardous material transportation incidents. RFA currently offers online ethanol safety training programs and “train the trainer” sessions.

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