1000 Biofuel Supporters Sign Letter to White House

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is sending a letter to the White House today signed by more than 1,000 farmers, workers in the ethanol industry, and other biofuel supporters asking President Biden to help lower gas prices immediately by allowing broader use of lower-cost ethanol blends like E15.

“Simply allowing gasoline blenders to sell E15 year-round would instantly help moderate prices at the pump and deliver relief to American families,” the letter states. “Today, E15 is selling for 10-25 cents per gallon less than standard gasoline, meaning year-round use of the fuel would save the average American household at least $125-200 on its annual gasoline bill. Those savings would accrue immediately while also providing energy, environmental and economic benefits for the long-term.”

The letter was signed at the 2022 Commodity Classic by farmers and biofuel supporters from 30 states who specifically urge President Biden to take emergency action to allow the uninterrupted sale of E15 throughout the upcoming summer.

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