RFA Partners with Hauk Designs on Flex-Fuel Can-Am UTV

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association is once again working with Hauk Designs on a new project that takes higher blends of ethanol to new places.

Following the successful flex-fuel Jeep Wrangler project in 2019, RFA and the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council are working together on a new Can-Am X3 project running on low-carbon E85 fuel, to be featured on Season 4 of the popular Hauk Machines television program.

“Kenny Hauk and his team once again helped us with an exciting project that will show the power of ethanol for those who like to take their fun off-road,” said RFA Vice President for Industry Relations Robert White. “As with all our projects, we want to demonstrate the many benefits of renewable fuels like ethanol and show how they can be used in recreational vehicles, whether those are Can-Am UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or fishing boats.”

A teaser for Season 4, showing the Can-Am playing in the snow before this project started and also showing off the 1200-hp RFA flex-fuel Jeep Wrangler, is now available online. Mini-episodes of the show will air on RFA social media when available.

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