Ethanol Production Hits Near Record High

Cindy Zimmerman

U.S. ethanol production increased last week to pre-pandemic levels and hit a near-record high, according to EIA data analyzed by the Renewable Fuels Association for the week ending October 15.

Ethanol production increased over six percent last week, or 64,000 barrels per day (b/d), to 1.096 million b/d, equivalent to 46.03 million gallons daily. This is the third-highest volume on record and just 12,000 b/d below the all-time record. Production was 20.0% above the same week last year, which was affected by the pandemic, and 10.0% above the same week in 2019. The four-week average ethanol production volume increased 4.5% to 1.005 million b/d, equivalent to an annualized rate of 15.41 billion gallons (bg).

Ethanol stocks rose 1.2% to 20.1 million barrels. Stocks were 1.8% above the year-ago level but 6.0% below the same week in 2019.

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