USDA COVID Aid and Infrastructure for Biofuels Coming Soon

Cindy Zimmerman

During a town hall style webinar with Farm Journal Editor Clinton Griffiths last week, USDA Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said payments for biofuels producers impacted by the pandemic could come in the very near future.

“We made the decision to put resources into the biofuel industry and I would expect and anticipate we’re going to be seeing announcements on that within the next couple of weeks,” said Vilsack on Thursday. “I think you’ll see those payments very soon.”

Vilsack also indicated more funds coming for the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP). “I think you”ll see additional support for infrastructure to make higher blends more available,” he said.

When it comes to biofuels competing with electric vehicles, Vilsack said, “This drives me crazy…the reality is we’re not going to stop building cars that use gas.”

Farm Journal webinar Sec. Vilsack - biofuels (6:00)

The secretary is scheduled to make two announcements this week. Tuesday afternoon he will announce a “new grant program that will provide assistance for farm and food workers impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.” Wednesday, September 8, Vilsack is scheduled to announce “investments in renewable energy infrastructure in rural communities across the country”

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