Kemin Launches New Ethanol Production Enzyme

Cindy Zimmerman

Kemin Industries has just launched a new high-temperature alpha-amylase for use during liquefaction, ZyloZyme™ AA.

ZyloZyme AA is used in the production of ethanol by fermentation and has yielded favorable results. In a study comparing the use of ZyloZyme AA to conventional alpha-amylase, Kemin’s product reduced viscosity while maintaining optimal dextrose equivalents, ethanol production and ethanol-to-solids ratio at a dose of 60 percent less than conventional alpha-amylase.

“We are encouraged by the outcome of this study and the positive results of using ZyloZyme AA in ethanol production,” said Brandon Lewis, Ph.D., Senior Technical Services Manager, Kemin Biofuels. “Even at low doses, ZyloZyme AA provides robust liquefaction while maintaining ethanol levels and the ethanol-to-solids ratio. We are excited to start customer trials with ZyloZyme AA and continue showcasing the product’s power.”

ZyloZyme AA is a specialized enzyme allowing ethanol plants to fine tune the amount of amylase used to break down starch, reduce viscosity and improve production output. The low dose allows flexibility for ethanol plants to optimize their product with a cost-effective alpha-amylase, thereby reducing operating costs.

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