UK Prepares for E10 Petrol

Cindy Zimmerman

The United Kingdom is gearing up for greener fuel starting in September with a national awareness campaign introducing E10 petrol which is blended with up to 10% renewable ethanol, double the current standard petrol blend E5.

UK Transport Minister Rachel Maclean says the campaign “will not only make drivers aware of the changes we’re making, but will also show millions of motorists how E10 introduction plays a part in helping reduce carbon emissions and build back greener with every tank of petrol.”

The Renewable Fuels Association welcomed news that the UK is making preparations to welcome E10 ethanol blends in September, but the organization is concerned that 10 percent could mean considerably less.

Currently, the UK Department of Transport draft regulation allows fuel providers to comply with the E10 standard by supplying gasoline containing as little as 5.5% ethanol, which as RFA notes in comments submitted to the agency, “contains only 0.5% more ethanol than the current E5 grade.”

“Allowing petrol with as a little as 5.5% ethanol to be characterized as E10 could cause consumer confusion and undermine the Department of Transport’s GHG reduction goals,” wrote RFA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Kelly Davis. “While we understand the U.K. government’s desire to provide ‘maximum flexibility’ to fuel suppliers, we believe a higher minimum ethanol content is necessary to ensure the U.K. fully reaps the benefits of a transition to higher ethanol content.”

Davis noted that too low a minimum content would allow refiners and blenders to meet the new regulation while “increasing their use of toxic aromatics and other hydrocarbons to achieve the 95 RON octane minimum.”

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