Biodiesel Group Requests Meeting with EPA Admin

Cindy Zimmerman

The National Biodiesel Board is asking EPA Administrator Michael Regan for an opportunity to present the findings of a new study, “Assessment of Health Benefits from Using Biodiesel as a Transportation Fuel and Residential Heating Oil.”

The study from Trinity Consultants quantifies the public health benefits and resulting economic savings of using 100% biodiesel in U.S. communities near heavy transportation corridors, which is an emerging area of concern for EPA.

“We believe that including biodiesel and renewable diesel in the administration’s plans to address carbon is fully consistent with your agency’s focus on environmental justice,” Kurt Kovarik, NBB Vice President of Federal Affairs wrote in a letter to Regan.

“We appreciate Administrator Regan’s commitment to ensuring that biofuels play a role in achieving the nation’s carbon reduction goals,” Kovarik adds. “While the Biden administration has not yet explicitly included biofuels in the American Jobs Plan or the Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Accord, we believe it should. We would like the opportunity to show Administrator Regan how biodiesel and renewable diesel can support EPA’s goals to address climate change and environmental justice issues.”

NBB’s newly published study shows that switching to 100% biodiesel for home heating oil and transportation could annually bring the 13 communities studied:

340 fewer premature deaths.
46,000 fewer lost workdays.
$3 billion in avoided health care costs.
203,000 fewer or lessened asthma attacks for communities near heavy-duty transportation corridors.
17,000 fewer lung problems for communities that rely primarily on oil for home heating.

Additionally, the switch would bring a 45% reduction in cancer risk for communities near heavy-duty transportation corridors and an 86% reduction in cancer risk for communities that rely primarily on oil for home heating.

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