Indiana Governor Vetoes Bill Targeting E15

Cindy Zimmerman

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb this week vetoed legislation that would have a negative impact on sales of 15% ethanol fuel (E15) in the state.

“I am vetoing SEA303 due to its requirement of a duplicative label at every pump that distributes E15 blends of fuel in the state,” Gov. Holcomb wrote in his veto message to the Indiana State Senate. “The Environmental Protection Agency already mandates that all E15 pumps have a label clearly advising consumers of the possible implications of using the fuel in certain engines. I find this additional layer of government unnecessary and confusing.”

The governor said he does support a provision in the legislation that makes it clear E15 can be sold year round in the state and he encourages the General Assembly to “codify this definition next year, as it would support our ethanol industry and further grow the market for our Hoosier farmers.”

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