New Kemin Product to Help Biofuels Industry Low Carbon Efforts

Cindy Zimmerman

Kemin Biofuels has expanded its enzyme portfolio with ZyloCell™, a unique dry cellulase for use in bioethanol plants that breaks down cellulose in corn kernel fiber for a low-carbon fuel source as an alternative to liquid enzyme formulation.

“The biofuels ingredients align with Kemin’s focus on sustainably transforming the quality of life by protecting the future of our planet. We are excited to offer this bioethanol solution to the industry,” said Penny Woods, Marketing Director, Kemin Biofuels.

“Cellulosic ethanol presents not only a financial opportunity for ethanol producers – the lower carbon fuel may result in a price premium under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the federal Renewable Fuel Standard – but it also provides biofuels producers a low-carbon fuel alternative,” said John Phillips, Business Manager, Kemin Biofuels.

According to the company, ZyloCell provides 12 month stability for longer shelf life without refrigeration, takes less storage space, and allows for easier handling and accurate dosing.

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