Vilsack Stresses Importance of Strong RFS

Cindy Zimmerman

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack started his first full week of work Monday addressing the National Farmers Union’s virtual convention, the first of many appearances he will likely be making to agricultural organizations. As secretary under the Obama Administration for eight years, Vilsack made an effort to attend as many agriculture and biofuel related events as possible each year.

Secretary Vilsack addressed several important issues in his remarks, including “new, more, fairer and better markets.”

“More markets means making sure we have a Renewable Fuel Standard that is enforced and recognized and respected by the administration,” said Vilsack. “I’m pleased to see EPA’s recent announcement relative to waivers. We’re not going to see the kind of liberal use of waivers that were granted in the previous administration.”

USDA Secretary Vilsack addresses NFU convention 13:08

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