Ames Adds New 100% Biodiesel Powered Trucks

Cindy Zimmerman

Renewable Energy Group and Optimus Technologies recently partnered to help Ames, Iowa grow its fleet of sustainable vehicles.

The City of Ames is adding seven new all-purpose dump trucks to their fleet that have the Optimus Technologies advanced fuel system integrated into their new vehicle specification. The Optimus system enables the engines to operate year-round on 100 percent biodiesel (B100) produced by Renewable Energy Group (REG).

A pilot project was conducted this year with five trucks using Optimus’ Vector System, combined with REG’s B100 biodiesel. The Vector System is designed to enable trouble-free use of biodiesel in all engines in all operating conditions.

Even in the sub-zero operations the snowplows were subjected to while battling the harsh Iowa winter, the Vector System ensured that the vehicles performed flawlessly on biodiesel. One key feature of the Vector System is that it never inhibits the use of conventional diesel fuel; the system always starts and shuts down the engine on conventional diesel, operating on biodiesel only after the engine and fuel system achieve optimal operating conditions.