Novozymes Offers New Enzyme Solution for Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Novozymes has launched a new bioenergy enzyme solution to increase oil and ethanol yields by utilizing previously untapped potential in corn conversion.

Fortiva Hemi “brings novel enzymes to liquefaction that enable unmatched substrate conversion to deliver the highest corn oil and ethanol yields possible. Effective across the broadest pH and temperature ranges, it is also the most flexible liquefaction solution available to ethanol producers.”

Novozymes officials say Fortive Hemi creates “the opportunity for more than 10% corn oil yield increase and up to 1% additional ethanol yield, enhancing profit in a difficult fuel ethanol market.”

Fuel ethanol plants have previously only been able to achieve on average 40% efficiency in extracting available corn oil, but greater than 95% efficiency in converting starch to ethanol. Fortiva Hemi acts upon the fiber matrix during liquefaction, creating the potential for improved fat and starch conversion that lead to oil and ethanol yield previously inaccessible. This newly freed substrate is then converted using Novozymes’ highest yielding enzyme blends to once again improve ethanol production efficiency.

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