Kansas Biofuels Head Offers Post Election Views

Cindy Zimmerman

The president and CEO of Renew Kansas Biofuels Association gave his post-election analysis during the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City’s November 12 webinar.

Ron Seeber, who is also president and CEO for the Kansas Grain and Feed Association and Kansas Ag Retailers Association, summed up results for races on both the state and federal level. “Kansas is still very much a red state,” said Seeber, noting the win by Republican Roger Marshall to take the place of Sen. Pat Roberts. “The state kind of went from red to redder.”

Seeber was asked what his perspective was on biofuels under a Biden administration, including low carbon fuel standards in the Midwest. “A lot of it will have to do with who is appointed as head of the EPA under a Biden administration, what their overall energy policy is going to be, and whether there’s a place for biofuels in that policy,” said Seeber, noting that a move toward more electric vehicles rather than biofuels would be problematic.

Listen to Seeber’s comments:
KC AgBiz webinar - Ron Seeber (10:42)

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