Rural America 2020 Blames Trump for Ethanol Crisis

Cindy Zimmerman

During a virtual press conference Tuesday, Rural America 2020 blamed President Donald Trump for the current crisis in the ethanol industry, due to the administration granting of small refinery exemptions, reducing demand for ethanol and forcing the closure of refineries across the country.

Farmers members of the Rural America 2020 state steering committees participating in the press conference, including Chris Gibbs of Ohio, president of the Rural America 2020 board of directors; Aaron Lehman, Iowa; Jim Nichols, Minnesota; and Rick Telesz of Pennsylvania.

“Rather than supporting corn farmers and making E15 ‘America’s Fuel,’ Trump has consistently undercut this industry and hurt our farmers,” said Gibbs. “We cannot afford four more years of policies that do not address the dire straits our farmers are facing.”

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