Ethanol’s Competitiveness in the Octane Market

Carrie Muehling

Those attending the 2020 National Ethanol Conference had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Roel Salazar, author of the weekly Argus Fuels and Octane Report. Salazar discussed different products in the fuels market and the variables that affect ethanol’s competitiveness in that market.

“You can see how ethanol has a market price much lower than its blend value. It’s blend value is much higher, but that’s because of the way ethanol is priced,” said Salazar.

Salazar explained different factors that go into blending decisions, as well as seasonal and historical trends that contribute to ethanol’s value in the octane market.

Roel Salazar, Senior Fuels and Octane Consultant, Argus; author of weekly Argus Fuels and Octane Report
Roel Salazar, Argus

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