Cooperative Producers adds E15 at Two More Fuel Sites

Cindy Zimmerman

Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI) has added E15 at two more fuel sites in Nebraska, making a total of six locations now in the state, according to the Nebraska Ethanol Board (NEB)

The new sites are in Axtell and Red Cloud, Nebraska, added to locations in Clay Center, Funk, Giltner, and Juniata.

“As a farmer-owned cooperative we need to support the folks who do business with us,” said Gary Brandt, vice president of energy with CPI. “CPI uses 500,000 bushels of corn in the ethanol we sell every year, so adding more ethanol to the pumps in Axtell and Red Cloud really brings a sense of ownership to our growers who work hard throughout the year to feed and fuel our country.”

“These locations don’t have a flex fuel pump, but we’re still able to offer E15 by blending it at the pipeline terminal,” Brandt added.

Learn more from NEB.

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