Iowa Governor Moves State Vehicles to B20

Cindy Zimmerman

During an appearance at the Iowa Farm Bureau annual meeting in Des Moines Tuesday, Governor Kim Reynolds signed an executive order requiring that all new state vehicles with diesel engines must be approved to run on B20 biodiesel (a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum-based diesel) or more

“Biodiesel is a growing and vital industry in Iowa, and I will always work tirelessly for the continued expansion of the biofuels market,” said Gov. Reynolds. “Ethanol and biodiesel remain essential to the health of the agricultural economy, sustainable environmental commitments and employ thousands of Iowans. I am proud to stand alongside Iowa Farm Bureau and key stakeholders in the renewable fuels industry to secure the continued demand for biofuels.”

The executive order is intended to encourage increased production of engines expressly approved for B20, and Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) President Derek Winkel says it sends a strong market signal to diesel engine manufacturers. “If we are serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector and boosting Iowa’s rural economy, we should be looking for new ways to increase biodiesel use. This proclamation by Governor Reynolds sets the state of Iowa on a course to do exactly that by ensuring all new diesel vehicles can use higher biodiesel blends.”

Iowa is the country’s number one producer of biodiesel, producing 365 million gallons in 2018. The state’s 11 plants have the capacity to produce 400 million gallons annually.

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