Auto Channel Defends Ethanol Against Engine Damage Claims

Cindy Zimmerman

Ethanol defender Marc Rauch of The Auto Channel took on “Testing Anti-Ethanol Tests” recently to disprove that ethanol causes engine damage, while at the same time showing that anti-ethanol additives are worthless.

Rauch took exception to a recent video posted by Todd Osgood who has a YouTube channel called PROJECT FARM. The video was titled “Does Fuel Stabilizer Prevent Ethanol Damage? Let’s find out!” In response, Rauch did his own tests and posted the results.

After analyzing all of the foregoing (your video, my reports, photos, and video), the proof is that ethanol does not, and can not damage engines and engine components ahead of any damage caused by gasoline and aromatics. Moreover, this shows that products that claim to “protect” against the effects of ethanol are nothing more than snake oil.

Read article from THE AUTO CHANNEL and response from Osgood.

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